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The lunarpages review also covers the blog posted on the lunarpages website. The web hosting company’s blog is a place where the company provides information about upcoming events, contests, help and tips and tricks for hosting a website. Moving around the blog and finding and clicking different topics is easy. All topics are divided into different categories and all posts are archived.

If a topic isn’t readily available on the homepage of the blog, users can search for a topic in the search bar. Other information found on the blog is the lunarpages forum where customers can find web hosting news and information, get guidance and advice, learn more about lunarpages hosting, get advanced assistance and special needs and services, and have access to the lunarpages community.

The lunarpages newsletter can also be found on the blog. The newsletter comes out each month and is filled with the latest news, tips, articles, and links found on the internet. Information provided in the newsletter is about lunarpages and other information that is helpful when it comes to web hosting.

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