Company Profile

Founded in 1995,Senchuan is a High-Techcompany of Railway informatization and rail transit intelligentizedevices. There are professional Railway and Rail transit teams of developing, producing,sale and installation in Chengdu Senchuan Technology Corp. We have strongresearching and developing ability after knowledge accumulation long time. Allof our product’s patents belong to ourselves.

We concentrate on applied researchof electron and electric power technology, computer technology, pictureprocessing technology, satellite positioning technology, wireless transmissiontechnology, railway internet of goods etc. The products are used in field of Railway,Rail Transit, Metro, High-speed railway, Customs etc and market of ChineseRailway, Asia, Europe.

Perfect and advanced management, gotcertification of ISO, IRIS, SIL4,CE etc. The products for R&D ourselvespassed audit of Chinese Railway Department, number of science andtechnology achievement award.

Base of R&D ability, we willconcentrate on Railway, High-Speed Railway and Rail Transit field, be leader ofrail transit detection.

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  • 85申请专利
  • 100服务客户 太阳城娱乐城官方
  • 50技术人员